Founder of KiddoSpot realized that toys and gifts are of immense important for parents, relatives and friends to give their children as a kid on different occasions, like baby shower, baby birth, birthdays, Easter, thanksgiving and “CHRISTMAS”.
We searched various options as gifts for kids on internet and learnt through personal experience and after trying different types of toys; that different toys have different impact on kids. Sometimes, the toy is not even appropriate according to the age of the child. Some parents have no idea what to give as a toy to their child; and some new young parent unable to decide which toy or gift is better for their young ones. It is observed that people are confused and it is difficult for them to choose a suitable gift or toy for their kid on different sentimental occasions.
It was felt that there is a dire need to have an online kid store, which can provide proper guideline to the young and new parents, relatives, friends and family to make a right choice of toy as gift for their kids of any age. And, this is how, an online store by the name of “KiddoSpot” was established. Now, you can easily select the most proper toy and furniture as gift for your kid from our online store.

KiddoSpot’s Motto – HAPPY & HEALTHY KIDS

Our motto is to make your kids happy contented, bring smiles on their face; learn and study through these toys furniture, and stay safe and healthy.

KiddoSpot’s Benchmark

We proudly introduce KiddoSpot as UK’s first online store which has a complete range of toy, furniture and other baby stuff. We are starting from toys and furniture and are going to expand and offer almost a complete range of all stuffs; a baby needs from toy to clothes and from hats to shoes – EVERYTHING.

KiddoSpot is a good Choice for your kid!

Excellence in quality and selection of durable material with safety measures is considered. Featured collection of furniture and toys provide you an easy answer to your confusion and queries. With elaborated description, it is easy for you to choose the right Christmas gift for your kid belonging to any age from new born, nursery to toddler and young ones.

KiddoSpot presents KIDS FURNITURE for storage purpose, book shelves for book worms, activity table for toddlers, fairy dressing table and chair for young fairies, study tables & accessories for little scholars, table & chairs and transportable bedside table for fledgling ones, and accessories including butterfly lane musical mobile for new born, fairy dressing table for fairest young Snow Whites, 3-peice & 7-piece bedding set for clean & tidybeds, artists drawing desk and stool set for our fresh artists, door cabinets and drawer cabinets, and multipurpose step up stools & shelf units.

KiddoSpot offers toys for house, kitchen and play ground. We also have toy boxes, plush toys, tricycles & toy cars. We have a wide range of play pens & feeding chairs for nursery gliders.

We are here to create your shopping experience; a pleasurable and effortless one! Gain benefit of our exceptional customer service 24 hours a day. Order now and shop a gift for your adorable ones.