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Wooden Toad Stool – Set of 2

Our Wooden Toad Stool set is a unique twist on traditional children's seating with red and white spots which will add an enchanted feel to your room. Made from solid European beechwood these are quality stools that are built to last – and will certainly stand out in any bedroom, nursery, or playroom. Toadstools are immediately recognisable as a symbol for fairyland – they are magical and will bring a sense of fun to the bedroom or playroom as fairies and pixies join in the fun! Create a magical setting in your kid’s bedroom with this Wooden Toad Stools set. Put the stools in a cosy corner to make a snug reading area that will inspire their imagination. How about creating a magical Alice in Wonderland inspired tea party inside for your child and their friends. Or how about using these stools in a school or nursery setting? Could add a little bit of colour and fun to your space. Children are at the forefront of what we do so all the corners are smooth, so no fear of your little one bumping into anything sharp. Children's seating should be comfortable, practical, but most importantly, safe. As a result of this, the wooden toad stools have 4 solid wood legs for extra stability, they are also super lightweight so can easily be moved around. These chairs are easy to assemble and come with step-by-step instructions. Also, they come flat packed ready for simple screw in assembly. The stools have a lacquer coating to protect against scratches and to make them easy to clean.
  • Stool: H310 x D240mm
  • Ages 2+

Children’s Bean Bag

Add an extra cosy touch to your home with our Children's Bean Bags. Soft furnishings will transform a room into a comfortable space. A bean bag is the ideal piece of furniture for any home, bedroom, and playroom or even the garden. Lightweight and simple to carry children’s bean bags are completely portable and will travel with you wherever you want to go. A trendy and funky addition to any modern interior. Bean bags are the perfect seating for those lazy evenings at home, or simply spending time in the garden with friends. Looking for a gaming chair for your child?  Try out our bean bag, relaxing and comfortable, it will mould to your child's shape and become a specially tailored seat.  Bean bags are the unique soft furnishing option, children love them because they are versatile and fun. Having a children’s bean bag is a great way to promote relaxation. A child with a relaxed mind learns better and having their own comfortable seating place can be a great way to calm a restless child Small enough for your very little ones our bean bag range is also large enough to see your children through into their early teens – so provide great value. Our priority are children and our children's bean bags are made with synthetic child-friendly leather fabric and are super easy to keep clean by simply wiping over with a damp cloth.  Filled with polystyrene fillings, we have ensured our bean bag contains no harmful substances. Designed with children in mind we have ensured all our bean bags are strong and durable – they can be jumped on, thrown around, pulled along and can be used outdoors. Furthermore, our children’s bean bag is fire retardant and water-resistant for extra durability – you can easily mop any spills. Our kids bean bags come in a fun range of block colours. Pick from red, grey, orange, and green, our block colour selection will seamlessly fit into your chosen décor
  • Overall dimensions H600 x W400mm
  • Age 3+

Toy Storage Unit with Bins

Get the best of both worlds with our wooden Toy Storage Unit that has a book display at the top and 6 fabric storage boxes at the bottom. Display your child's books and store their toys all in this handy storage unit. You will save space with this functional 2-in-1 unit. This toy storage unit comes with 3 deep canvas pockets and 6 fabric storage boxes that sit across 2 shelves. This unit is ideal for displaying their books but also storing all their other favourite things. Unit is sized to be a convenient height for children to reach their books and toys safely. The fabric storage boxes have handles so your child can safely lift the boxes. As a result, this is an ideal product to start teaching your child how to tidy up. The storage boxes are removable to make playtime and tidy up time quicker and easier. Storage solutions are practical and functional additions to any bedroom and place. With our unit, they can see all their books and toys.   It is lovely to watch your child play and enjoy their space, but it's even better when you know they have somewhere to tidy and put books/toys away after use. With this handy toy storage unit, it will make it quicker and easier to tidy up. Due to its natural beech wood effect this unit will not look out of place in any room decor. It is constructed from long-lasting sturdy wood materials to make it strong and durable. This storage unit comes flat packed and includes easy to use instructions that will make assembling that little bit easier. Any accessories shown are not included unless stated.
  • Overall Dimensions: H710 x W610 x D300mm
  • Ages 3+

Kids Themed Play Mat

Play Mat is ideal for children to play and explore their imagination. Explore the countryside with the many barnyard animals: horses, cows, sheep, chicken. Alternatively, drive around the park and see what you can see along the way. This is a fun toy for children to play with and is super easy to store simply roll up the mat and the mat can be put away. Great present for children for their bedroom and playroom.

Storage Organisers

Are you looking for an easy storage solution for your child’s space? Take a look at our range of storage organisers. Available with either 10 or 12 storage bins, you decide how much storage you need. Without a doubt, this will become a lifesaver to help keep your child’s space organised and clutter-free. Bright colours will add a pop of colour to the room and the 10 bin or 12 bin storage organisers will inspire your children to keep their space organised, clean and a tidier place to be. Your child will even start to understand fundamental life skills and learn to have responsibility for their belongings. Kids have a great imagination so why not make tidy up time the last game of the day – turn cleaning up into less of a chore and more of bonding time – put the toys to bed or sing a silly clean up song and tidy up time will become something your children look forward to. On both units, there are 3 shelf levels which hold the storage boxes. The plastic storage boxes are removable, so it makes playtime and cleaning up easier. With four different colour storage boxes you could even colour code your storage, for example, yellow boxes could be for pens and pencils and the green boxes for building bricks.  Help your child to become more organised, take care of their belongings and make your life easier too. Made from durable plastics that are non-toxic to make them sturdy, stable, and long lasting. Also, for additional safety, all the corners have smooth edges - so no worries of your children bumping themselves on anything sharp. There are also hand holes either side of the unit, so it is easier to lift and move from room to room. Both units come with handy stickers to make organising your child's belongings even easier. – check ?? The storage organisers come flat packed with easy to read instructions and even better no tools needed. Unpack the pieces and click them together. Any accessories shown are not included unless stated. 10-BIN STORAGE ORGANISER
  • Overall Dimensions: H680 x W750 x D370mm
  • Small bins: H130 x W200 x D300mm
  • Large bins: H130 x W415 x D300mm
  • Ages 2+
10-BIN STORAGE ORGANISER 10 bin storage unit dimensions: H680 x W750 x D370. On this unit, there are 8 small boxes and, 2 larger boxes. Large boxes are H130 x W415 x D300mm and small boxes are H130 x W200 x D300mm. Download assembly instructions here. 12-BIN STORAGE ORGANISER
  • Overall Dimensions: H680 x W750 x D370mm
  • Small bins: H130 x W200 x D300mm
  • Ages 2+
12-BIN STORAGE ORGANISER 12 bin storage unit dimensions: H680 x W750 x D379mm. On this unit there are 12 small boxes, the dimensions are H130 x W200 x D300mm.

White Wooden Table and Chair Set

This white wooden table and chairs set is ideal for enhancing your space in a stylishly simple way. This set comes with a table and two chairs which are ideal for playing games, doing arts & crafts, and doing homework. Due to its simple but classic design, it can seamlessly fit into any home, bedroom, and playroom. Kids always need some space for creative time and getting them a small table and chair set is a perfect gift choice. Sitting them at a table to suit their own size is good for posture and comfort. This set is made to accommodate two children and so is perfect for playtime with friends or siblings. Our white wooden table and chair set will also encourage independence as your children will be able to sit on and get off the height friendly chairs without help. By having a white table, you can add a relaxed and calming feel into your child’s bedroom and playroom. Alternatively, it would be a lovely addition to a nursery or a shared bedroom so your children can sit and play together. We design and create products with homes in mind. As a result, we have gone for a clean, crisp white colour but lacquered both the table and chairs to protect against scratches also making it easy to clean by using a damp cloth. Made from long-lasting, durable wood materials and tested for durability, strength, and safety. We have also opted for rounded corners for additional safety and comfort. Whilst sturdy this table and chairs are lightweight so they can easily be moved around or to another room.
  • Table: H535 x W600 x D600mm
  • Chairs: H567 x W300 x D280mm
  • Seat height: 300mm
  • Age 3+

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